Why choose OPES

We Power Your Innovative Ideas

OPES Solutions is the leading off-grid solar module manufacturer with sites in Germany, Hong Kong and China – managed by an international team of solar energy professionals with more than 60 years solar industry experience.

Manufacturing Excellence
With German Quality Standard

Innovative Automation Process
From cell cutting to lamination, our innovative automation process can efficiently increase capacity, quality, and efficiency.
Flexible Production Line
The flexibility of our proprietary automation lines supports small series and high volume of various application solar modules.
Quality Oriented Production
Quality is our core focus – supported by a high degree of automation and a state of the art lab including long term UV and damp-heat testing.

In-Depth Material & Industry Know-How For Durable Material Selection

Quality Solar Cell
  • IR detector with shunt detection and individual measurements assure high quality solar cells also at small geometries.
  • Continuous electroluminescence (EL) and flash tests guarantee electrical performance.
Reliable Encapsulation Foil
  • We use only high quality EVA and do continuous cross-linking and UV tests to assure lamination for a long lifetime. This is supported by our guarantee.
Durable Backsheet
  • For off-grid solar modules there is no industry standard, therefore often the less durable PET is used on the market. We use only TPE or TPT which guarantees long lifetime.
  • Our UV tests ensure that there is no yellowing effect of the laminate over time.

Design Services & Immediate Prototyping
For Supporting Your Various Solar Systems

Rural Electrification

  • Pico System
  • Solar Home System
  • PAYGO System
  • Micro-Grid System
  • Solar Pumping System
  • Your Innovative Project!

Innovative Applications

  • Parking Meters
  • Parking Stations
  • Street Lights
  • Camping System
  • Education Kit
  • Outdoor Applications
  • Marine Applications
  • Your Innovative Project!
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